WordPress is the most popular website software, behind over 25% the websites on the Internet.

Screen Shot Google Search for WordPress The two most obvious places to look for support are Google and YouTube.

YouTube is a great place to start if you’re looking for tutorials and overviews, and Google allows for a more detailed search.

Entering either “WordPress” or “WP” followed by a space will provide lots of suggestions for either search.

Here are some of our favorite sites:

  • WordPress.org – this is the source of WordPress.
  • WordPress.com – this is a privately owned commercial site that offers WordPress hosting. However, the owner of WordPress.com wrote the original code for WordPress, and has a lot of influence on the subsequent development of the free version.
  • CodeInWP.com ~ this is a hub for WordPress freelancers, bloggers & creators. Their stated goal is to “provide easy-to-digest content that helps understand various aspects” of WordPress.
  • WPBeginner.com ~ I follow this site on Twitter. Their claim is “…the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners.”
  • WPLeaders.com ~ This is only a blog, mostly of product reviews. The entry that caught my attention is the Top 100+ WordPress Influencers To Follow In 2019
  • WPLearningLab.com ~ The link goes to the blog…
  • WPLift.com ~ Another site that teaches WP. It shows up on my Twitter feed. Reviews themes and plugins.
  • WPShout.com ~ a website about WordPress development.
  • WPTavern.com ~ Here is another site that I follow on Twitter.
  • WinningWP.com ~ I subscribe to their newsletter. A GREAT resource for keeping up!


Here are some of our favorite hour-long YouTube videos:



PS: I am a huge fan of Tampa Bay WordPress and their Youtube Channel! I discovered Tampa Bay WordPress through Meetup.com searching for “WordPress within 25 miles of my zip code” ~ you should look for a meetup group near you!