Consider this: Your website is not a sales platform.

It’s not going to generate leads or sales. It will help you collect information from the people whom you send there, or who come looking specifically for you.

For most businesses, a website is primarily a credibility statement.

Put your important information on your home page/first page. Include these things:

  • Your logo and any other branding symbols.
  • Your picture.
  • Your elevator pitch,with
    • Typical client results
    • Testimonials 1
  • Include ALL your contact information. 2
  • Include a Call-to-Action: What do you expect visitors to do when they get to your web page?
    • Call you? Write you? ~~ Why?
    • Complete a purchase?
    • NOT call or write you (look for instructions)?
    • Give you their email address and permission to contact them?
  • A link to a product page. Your website can collect money and delivery instructions to the complete sales you’ve created elsewhere.
  • Links to case studies, a client list, position papers and white papers.


Be concise. Very few people will dive deep into your website. (I’m surprised you’re here. Drop me a note and tell me you made it to my Add Content page.)

PS: SEO doesn’t matter.  To quote Alan Weiss, “Everyone and their dog does this, so the noise is deafening, and no one really stands out.” That part of the battle is over when you find your website after you enter your company name into Google or Bing.


1 Use a slider?
2 Yes, on your home page!

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