You still have responsibilities your website once it’s online and alive.

  • Annually:
    • First, and foremost, track your domain name renewal.
      • Set up auto-renew if possible.
      • If this lapses then a competitor may snatch the name away from you.
      • A reminder is even more important if you renew your domains in 5- to 10-year intervals. (That’s not a bad idea.)
  • Annually, quarterly, or monthly:
    • Pay your web hosting bill. This is usually done automatically.
  • Weekly:
    • Change something on your website to encourage search engines to revisit and review your work.
  • As Needed:
    • Credit Card information: be sure to change the renewal date when your current expires. Or, if you close that card, be sure to add a replacement card to your domain registrar and web hosting company.
    • Visit your site and run through all the pages and links.
  • Daily:
    • Install WordPress updates for plugins and themes. Depending on the size, content and revenue generation you may want to create stringent guidelines for making changes.
    • Review Google Analytics to learn about visitors to your website. Here’s one YouTube tutorial that will help you:



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