SEO = “Search Engine Optimization.”

There are volumes written about this, and some companies whose entire business model is to sell SEO services. (Be wary.)

Here is a quick summary from what we’ve learned:

  • It’s going to take time to see and measure results. Months.
  • Google has the biggest market share, but don’t ignore/forget Bing and (yes!) even Yahoo.
  • There are tools that will help you design your website.
  • Here is a quick read from Entrepreneur magazine: The Best Free SEO Tools to Increase Your Rankings This is one of literally thousands of articles you can find.
  • Here is a 2019 article from WPEasier: 5 Things You Should Do to Improve Blog Traffic.¬†What I like about the first bullet is the advice “Irrespective of the common belief, anyone can optimize their website without having to hire an expert.”
    • The rest of the advice includes [2] Write catchy titles[3] Keyword Research [4] Create valuable and comprehensive content and [5] Readability.
    • The last point reinforces that with “…make all your content readable. So, is it wise to write article in small sentences with plenty of visuals and a friendly tone.”


If you enter your website name into the search engine, and it finds it, then that search engine knows that your website exists.

At the proverbial “end of the day” it is still all about content. Write to your audience in the language with the jargon they understand.

PS: Here is a lengthy read about WPBeginner’s take on SEO:

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