Menu systems in WordPress allow you to put a single word as a menu choice.

You must have user-friendly navigation. it must be easy for site visitors to locate, and should include logical descriptions and categories that make it simple for your visitors to find the information they seek.


  • Home
    • Discussion: This page, by name, is ubiquitous. It’s what almost everyone on the Internet recognizes as the starting place to visit a website.
  • Content1 ~
    • Discussion: A rule of thumb is that each page should cover only one topic.
  • Content2 ~
    • Etc.
  • Content3 ~
  • About ~
    • Sign in ~ (For membership sites)
    • Contact ~ Use a form; don’t publish email addresses
    • FAQs and Help ~
    • Press ~ Cross-post press releases here
    • Email ~
    • Staff ~ (I protect this page and limit it to the owners.)




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