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This is a big challenge because WordPress has no built-in functions, features, or support for eCommerce. It barely has user/member capabilities.

Plugins are used to add functions, but plugins are usually integrated using widgets and [short codes]. This is fine when using a contact plugin – it can be embedded in a page, placed in a footer or added to a sidebar; any of this almost as an afterthought.

ECommerce also comes into a WordPress site via one or more plugins. And, like contact forms, there are multiple developers.

Here is an article by WPBeginner that examines 5 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins Compared – 2019. The plugins are WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress and Shopify. WPBeginner didn’t mention the eCommerce plugin I’ve been using (Ecwid, free for 10 SKUs) or the eStore that comes with WP-eMember, by Tips and Trick HQ.

The plugin you select might affect the themes that are available for you to choose from.

Additional Editorial Comments:

  • eCommerce is not casually done. It’s going to cost more in time, money, and effort than expected. You still have to market your site.
  • Text-based SEO (search engine optimization) is over-rated as a concept (think Google and Bing). At the very least, your efforts will take months to show up. SEO will rely on you providing quality, timely content. You still have to market your site.
  • Just because you create a website doesn’t mean it will be successful. You still have to market your site.


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