I believe in leveraging free Google resources for your web work! It all begins with a GMail account.

The GMail name does have to be unique, and it doesn’t have to be particularly memorable because it will be used only by the people working on the website.

For example, a name can be constructed with the domain name or company name, with a special character, then another word such as webwork, webstuff, webetc@ Gmail.com. (eg. rick-2019@gmail.com)

Try not to use lewd or suggestive words in your GMail name because the account name could become visible as visitors look up a connection you’ve created, such as your calendar or map.

Tutorial: Create a new Gmail account (Gmail starts about 4 minutes in).

BTW: Google says “Gmail doesn’t recognize periods as characters in addresses — we just ignore them.” I verified this by sending a test message to rick.jaggers@gmail. The message showed up in my rickjagger@gmail inbox.

You can go into settings for your new GMail account and basically disable it by setting up a forwarding address and deleting messages from your inbox after the message is forwarded.  The destination address does NOT have to be a gmail address. You can use your personal email account so you don’t have to check another mailbox. You can also use another forwarder to send incoming gmail to multiple recipients!

Once you have your gmail account for your website, a lot of tools are opened up!


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