Installing WordPress is something done at your web hosting site.

  • …Some of the hosting companies will install WordPress for you…
  • …Some hosting companies will install only WordPress…


ABCInc-Domains offers a full cPanel that includes email and scripts to load lots of applications, including WordPress. I will use that to build this task list:

  • Log into cPanel
  • In the cPanel EMail section
    • Create forwarders
      • wp.admin@domainname.moc
      • Contact.Form@domainname.moc
    • Add those forwarders to “Registered Mail IDs”
  • In the cPanel App/Softaculuous Apps Installer, Drill down and launch the “Install WordPress” icon
    • Screen 1
      • Choose the latest version
      • Choose the domain and the https:// protocol
      • Enter a site name – this can be changed later
      • Enter a site description – this can be changed later
    • Screen 2
      • Enter an admin username
      • Record the admin password
      • Enter the address you created in cPanel:
      • Select English, and check the boxes for limit login attempts and classic editor
    • Screen 3
      • (Open Advanced options)
      • Enter a database name; the default is OK
      • Enter a table prefix; the default is OK
      • Check Auto upgrade for WordPress, Plugs, and themes
      • Choose options for backups; these can be changed later
    • Installation should take less than 2-3 minutes
    • Screen 4
      • Copy the two URLs,
      • Click on the administrative link to go to the web page; bookmark that link!

WordPress Admin Login

Register Forwarders

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4




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