This is where it begins: the administrator login for your WordPress Website.

(If you don’t have one, then you should go back to our “Begin” pages.)

Now, it’s time to consider who is going to do the work….

  • You can do all the work and call on us for the occasional question.
    • We can do the work. This is obviously the most expensive!
  • You and I can do the work together!

You can do it all…

If this is what you want to do, then you do all the typing.

You can ask us questions via email and include links to specific problems/questions, and then we’ll show you a way forward for you from there.

We know you’ll need some help, and we will do that! We provide direct advice and/or point you towards resources that you can use/reuse/and refer to later. You’re welcome to use the checklists on the following pages:


Searching the web will also provide advice, guidance, and tutorials. For example, this one is pretty thorough: How to Make a WordPress Website in 2019 – The Ultimate DIY Guide.

You and I will build your website, together….

You can have full-time professionals available to help you on a part-time basis, as you need us.

We do the back-end stuff, and teach you how to do the rest. Some of the time you’ll be on the keyboard; sometimes it will be faster for us to do that for you, especially if it’s something that has to be done only once.

Of course, we’ll be around when you need us!

Our Help? Certainly! We call this the “Assembly,” and the cost is $399

We can do it all for you!

If this is your choice you need know this will be expensive because only our hands hit the keyboard! (Think hundreds, and potentially thousands, of dollars.)

We do all the typing on the Internet, from setting up your website to adding/updating your content.

  1. You visit the site
  2. You read our reports
  3. You give your feedback to where we should go next
  4. We act upon your follow-up requests; you repeat steps 1-2-3


Budget more money if you expect us to create content, or to integrate your marketing with Social Media!

Get your checkbook out….. This we-do-it-all process is going to start with our $499 package which provides 4 login screens (Domain, Hosting, cPanel, and WordPress Admin).

You provide the exact text for your pages, or you can tell us just to write about such-and-such.  The former is preferred; the latter is going to cost because you are now having us create content.

So, if you want us to do all the work, then we’ll negotiate a price. Send us an email.


Of course, we believe you and I should work together. We’ll do the one-time work, and teach you how to do the rest.

Welcome: we want to build your business….